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Combining a self-built 5G Wi-Fi, WPP20, the wireless presentation pod, partners up with Yealink new-generation video conferencing system to offer high-quality wireless content sharing with just one tap. Working with Yealink video conferencing system, the embedded meeting assistant software of WPP20 ..

Wireless Presentation Pod

Yealink VCS-TVMount2 is a secure mount for installing a Yealink UVC40 or MeetingBar A20/A30 videobar under a TV. This Yealink TV mount provides a stable, longterm solution for a professional video conferencing installation in the office...

TV Mount Kit

VCM34 is a video conferencing microphone array which can work as the audio input device for Yealink Video Conferencing System or Yealink UVC PTZ Camera. VCM34 combines the hardware and software, including the Yealink Noise Proof Technology, to fully improve its audio quality. Thanks to its b..

Video Conferencing Microphone Array

Yealink Sharing Box VCH51 is simple to use, deploy, and manage. It allows users to present the PC content to a Yealink video conferencing system, delivering a stable and clear presentation experience. Besides, VCH51 enables users to enjoy the BYOD mode. (Currently, only MeetingEye 400/600 an..

Yealink Sharing Box

Key Features and Benefits • Supports Yealink SIP- T41S/T42S with FW or, Yealink T5 series. • Reliable Connection • Ease-of-use • Plug and Play • High Transmission Rate..


Key Features and Benefits • Optima HD voice • Full duplex technology • 10-foot (3-meter) 360° voice pickup • Capacitive mute touchpad • Echo cancellation • DECT TechnologyNeeds optional DD10K Dect dongle !..

Wireless Expansion Mic

All-in-One Android Video Collaboration Bar for Medium RoomYealink MeetingBar A30 Teams Edition, an all-in-one video collaboration bar for Medium rooms. Featuring 8MP camera and 120° super-wide-angle lens, A30 delivers outstanding video quality. Together with the electric privacy ..

Yealink MeetingBar A30 + CTP18 Touch Panel - Microsoft Teams

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