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Welcome at Sanel since 1987


As my name suggests, I come from Spain. I was born in San Sebastian, but later lived in Madrid, where my father had a business whose main activity was the food and drink trade.  

In the 1960s, the Spanish community in the Netherlands grew and with it the need for Spanish products. My father responded to this. First in Spain and later by building a chain of 10 shops in the Netherlands and a restaurant offering Spanish food, drinks and entertainment with famous Spanish artists.

In the meantime, sales had expanded further to Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. At the age of 20, my father put me in charge of the Belgian branch. I managed this branch for several years, but when I saw the opportunities in the electronics sector around 1980, I definitely started for myself. With a starting capital of about 75 euros, I started with a small shop, which gradually developed into the current Sanel.

At the time I started, I had no idea about the Sanel of today. None of the solutions we offer today existed then. The vision that we have inherited from our country is mainly "entrepreneurship and the will to be the best of myself". Accepting that the world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Keep growing, dare to make choices. Hope that there is more good than harm. Many of our products are solutions and technical tools that ensure that information flows from one person to another. They work together. Our goal is always a long-term connection, where people are at the centre and technology improves.

Juan Berruezo - CEO 


Supply products from our own warehouses and stocks

Live training, education and inspiration sessions in our Experience Centre and via the digital platform

Advice for the implementation of remote and on-site configuration. 

Management of specialized products by division with connection power for synergy.

Continuous update and adaptation of our Business Experience Center in Lier with various current demo configurations for you and by you to deploy.

Lead generation 

Acting sustainably for the benefit of our relationships and our environment.

Together with our team, we focus primarily on our activities in the Benelux. Our account and product managers operate in both the Netherlands and Belgium. We can help you in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.


Our customers are installers, system integrators and resellers, both large and small. We help our partners to reach, supply and maintain their markets. 

We believe that by working together in trust and complementing each other, we can help the end customer effectively and efficiently.

Do you see opportunities for improvement? We are always happy to hear from you