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Aver VB342PRO

Aver VB342PRO
Aver VB342PRO

4K PTZ USB video soundbar

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  • Brand: AVER
  • Model: VB342PRO
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4K PTZ Video Bar For Small To Medium Rooms

The VB342 Pro’s high quality 4K PTZ lens delivers unprecedentedly vivid images and clear details. Intelligent AVer AI features come together to create a crystal-clear AI powered meeting experience. Auto Framing re-frames the meeting view to keep everyone in picture and works together with Smart Gallery to deliver great-looking images of everyone. With Presentation Tracking, never miss a detail of a work presentation again, and combine it with AVer Audio Fence to block out annoying distractions and deliver uninterrupted presentations. Virtual conference interruption-free with the VB342 Pro.

15x Zoom (3X optical), FOV 92º, Smart Framing, Audio Tracking, Display Link