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Vaddio 999-9995-331

Vaddio 999-9995-331
Vaddio 999-9995-331

Twin Mono AMP

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  • Brand: VADDIO
  • Model: 9999995331
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The Twin Mono AMP is an 8 Ohm 30 Watt mono power audio amplifier with a single differential input feeding two amplified outputs, each capable of driving into loads as low as 4 ohm. Ensure remote participants in small and medium conference rooms or classrooms are heard in collaboration and conferencing environments.

Key Features:

  • Two channels at 15 W per channel
  • Additional connectors provided for making custom length cables
  • Durable, professional all-metal enclosure suitable for free-standing, surface-mounted or rack-mounted operation
  • LED power indicator light and 15 V 2A power supply included

An ideal solution for incorporating ceiling speakers with a Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV videoconferencing PTZ camera and microphone bundle. Also perfect for connecting the Vaddio IntelliSHOT or ConferenceSHOT ePTZ cameras with a speaker bar like the Vaddio Easy Talk Soundbar. Use the Twin Mono AMP in combination with a variety of Vaddio AV Bridge products to easily incorporate professional quality speakers in collaboration spaces.

Plug and play compatibility with ConferenceSHOT AV or EasyIP Decoder (use without included power supply) and IntelliSHOT, ConferenceSHOT ePTZ, AV Bridge Mini, AV Bridge 2x1, AV Bridge MatrixMIX, AV Bridge MATRIX PRO, and OneLINK Bridge.

Designed to easily attach to the underside of a ConferenceSHOT AV camera wall mount for simplified cable routing to wall speakers.

This package includes:

  • Twin Mono AMP
  • 15 V, 2A power supply
  • ConferenceSHOT AV-compatible 4 conductor power / audio cable, 8 in. (20 cm) in length
  • 2-conductor 5 mm Phoenix style plugs, qty. 2, for use in making speaker cables for your installation