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Geïntegreerde projector en belichtingsfunctie

Geïntegreerde projector en belichtingsfunctie

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  • Brand: PANASONIC
  • Model: PTJW130GBE
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Space Player Lighting device that combines the functions of traditional lighting and a video projection to highlight any exhibit or bring attention to a commercial space Key features SOLID SHINE 1-Chip DLP, 1000 lumens, WXGA resolution Customizable hybrid spotlight/laser image projection Maintenance-free up to 20k hours and long-lasting laser engine Versatile installation via track light. PT-JW130FBU and PT-JW130FWU are also compatible with floor or ceiling mount. Wireless management capability, easy projection via SD card Projection with a laser light source (20,000 hours with limited maintenance) Spotlight-shaped to fit any space requiring high-level design Automatic image/movie playing via SD memory card, Wi-Fi from a PC / tablet or using an HDMI connection Adjustable structure to deliver light in wide direction