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Part of the Unified Communication line of products, the CAM-210-PTZ offers a premium video conferencing experience. HD 1080p video ensures users appear crystal clear in their meetings. A high-quality pan and tilt motor provides a smooth experience without excess noise or judder. Equipped wit..
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1080p60 PTZ Camera with USB 3.0, HDMI Out, Auto Framing & Presenter Tracking

20x optical zoom PTZ tracking camera.Auto zoom adjusts image based on target's position.Advanced tracking algorithm minimises the chance of wrong target acquisition.Network, HDMI, 3G-SDI and USB outputs.NDI-HX license includedMade for AREC Media Stations and software/hardware vid..
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AI Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera with NDI

Convert your video device and stream to VOD platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. from a PC.Use your high quality HDMI camera with software-based videoconferencing systems, e.g. Skype, Hangouts, etc.Convert your PlayStation, Xbox, or other gaming console and record/stream it via OBS, Wi..
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5M, 30 fps, full HD 1080pThe AVerVision U50 visualizer (Document Camera) features exceptional portability and conveniences as well as the ability to run solely off power from the computer. The lag-free 30 fps frame rate, 5-megapixel camera sensor, more than full HD 1080p output resolution ..
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13 MP, 60 fps, 4K Output Resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 The AVerVision U70+ USB visualizer features exceptional portability and convenience as well as the ability to run solely off power from the computer. The lag-free 60 fps frame rate, 13-megapixel camera sensor, 4K output resolution, S..
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Featuring a PTZ camera with market-leading 30X optical zoom, the PTC500S sports a 350° pan and 120° tilt radius that are perfectly suited for large classrooms or auditoriums. Full HD 1080p 60fps video and a powerful remote autofocus function track the moving presenter more precisely and disp..
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The PTC500+ integrates auto tracking, Multi-Presenter Detection, and streaming with a superior dual lens tracking design. Boasting a PTZ camera with a powerful 30X optical zoom and a secondary 120° FOV panoramic camera, the PTC500+ stably captures Full HD 1080p video without the need for a c..
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Professional Auto Tracking PTZ Camera Full HD Dual Cam

Up to 4 video signal Matrix and Tracking box• Inputs: 3 USB, 3 HDMI, NDI, RTSP IP• Outputs: 2 USB 3.0 , 2 HDMI• Camera Audio Tracking with selected microphones• Auto camera switching and multiple layouts• 10’’ Touch control panel (optional)..
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Matrix and Audio Tracking box - USB/HDMI/RTSP/NDI in/out

USB Distance Learning VisualizerThe AVerVision M5 is a USB visualizer specially made for distance learning and remote teaching. Its foldable, grab-and-go design lets you start online courses in mere moments. Simply adjust the camera head to self-view for a tutoring session, and then quickly ..
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Document Camera FullHD 8Mp 16x Digital Zoom

AVerVision F17+ is a visualizer suitable for every classroom. Its 13-megapixel camera delivers 4K image quality, letting you easily present teaching material with its 23X zoom. Helping to inspire students’ limitless creativity through hybrid interactive learning has never been easier than wi..
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13MP Visualizer, 4k; 60FPS, 23X zoom with VGA, HDMI & USB (flex arm)

Tracking CameraWhen distance learning and hybrid classrooms are the new normal, the AVer DL30 is a must-have solution for online education. With the DL30 connected to a laptop, you can present freely onstage while livestreaming so students can learn no matter where they are. Teachers don’t..
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Full HD 12xzoom Tracking Camera

With 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDMI & USB outputs, with both HDMI and USB output ports for video streaming, the A30 camera is compatible with most classroom display monitors. A second USB camera can also be connected to A30 to enable the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, allowing teachers to shoot..
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All-In-One Hybrid learning Camera

Auto-Tracking System can track a specific target precisely with exclusive Wireless Mic Positioner. Compatible with diverse types of cameras, TP-100 enables pan / tilt tracking by auto or manual control...
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Arec Auto-Tracking System TP-100

19 INCH RACK MOUNT SET Arec Mediastations..
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19 INCH RACK MOUNT SET Arec Mediastations

Can record and livestream mixed video and simultaneously record 2 individual video sources in Full HD for post-editing.USB and IP inputs. Includes a converter for HDMI input32 GB USB Flash Drive included.Automatic backup to servers via FTP and SFTP.NDI-HX support in LS-US2N version...
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2 Channel Streaming & Recording Mediastation NDI Version

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