Vivitek NovoCast

HD Wireless Presentation & Collaboration System
NovoCastis a new adtiontoVivitek's popular NovoConnect Solution - NovoPro, NovoEnterpriseand NovoTouch.NovoCast brings wireless presenting to improve participation, collaboration and idea sharing between students and teachers, while making for more engaging and memorable lessons for up to eight participants.

With NovoCast, anyone in a classroom that's using the system can connect to a projector and instantly share content and collaborate to the big screen wirelessly and without having to rely on the school network. NovoCast enables teachers and students to connect from tablets, phones or laptops using WiFi.As NovoCast is a wireless presentation system designed and based on the principle of BYOD, anyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice.

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