SpinetiX Cockpit

Cloud Management Service
Protect your investmentwith our cloud services.

Our cloud services are designed to reduce your maintenance and operation costs and allow your solution to evolve with your needs during the project lifetime. Our cloud services can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the SpinetiXweb portal: Cockpit. We recommend all our customers to register their players and Elementi software licenses on Cockpit. This step is easy and free and brings you immediate benefits including:

Remotely preview live content rendered by your HMPs.
Monitor the status of any of your players.
Manage your Elementi licenses (e.g. retrieve license key, release license to different PCs).
Authorize your players to retrieve real-time data from your cloud accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google, OneDrive).
Remotely install the latest player firmware.
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