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The innovative choice to improve the energy efficiency of companies.The filtering technology of E-Power systems works by modifying the current waveform, reducing disturbances and losses on the line and improving the power supply. The benefits on power quality translate into energy savings and reduct..
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Until the 80’s, in all industrial and commercial sites the linear loads were largely prevalent; that is, electrical loads not influenced by power electronics. At the end of the 80’s the electronic components become smaller and more efficient. New effective technologies linked at the electronic control of power are emerging, which generate a positive impact on energy consumption but a negative one on the power quality. Since the years 2000, the global electrical energy consumption is constantly increasing at a very fast pace; energy produced by renewable sources is increasing as well, with a negative impact on power quality too. Today in the production sites the non linear loads regulated by power electronics are largely prevalent. It becomes essential to save energy through the optimization of energy transmission and the improvement of power quality within Industrial buildings, Warehouses, Production Plants, Department stores, Supermarkets….

Offices, Public Administration, Municipalities, Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, SPA, Schools, Colleges, Sport facilities, Airports, Ports, Stations….



E-Power is a passive inductive filter with hybrid functions, given by its capabilities to inject into the power flow some electromagnetic vectors in opposition of phase, utilizing some of the power derived from the incoming energy flow and so causing a voltage drop proportionate to the filtering level selected. The inductance is not constant, but it changes dynamically its filter impedance value, adapting to the power absorption of the electrical network and so maximizing its effectiveness. Since the E-Power only has reactive components and contactors, there are no losses produced by the system and the self-consumption is practically undetectable. Energy Efficiency, between 3% to 10% financial saving according to the kinds of loads which are present in the line (electrical network) always ensuring the same amount of work.



The E-Power series is available in different sizes and power in order to suit a broad variety of applications, from 34 kVA to 2760 kVA. E-Power is built with an IP30 protection level, suitable for all kinds of applications, and features a patented Bypass system, which ensures 2 essential functions:

·         The automatic exclusion of the system in real time, in order to ensure absolute continuity in the power supply to the loads.

·         The commutation from remote between the Saving mode (system ON) and the Bypass mode (system OFF), in order to ensure the scientific calculation of the saving obtained, according to the IPMVP protocol.


The E-Power is equipped with a WEB based smart monitoring and management system, the  E-Controller, which can monitor and record all electrical parameters through very fast samplings, ensuring the transmission of all data to EE remote server for successive analysis.