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The innovative choice to improve the energy efficiency of companies.

The filtering technology of E-Power systems works by modifying the current waveform, reducing disturbances and losses on the line and improving the power supply. The benefits on power quality translate into energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

That’s why E-Power is the energy efficiency solution chosen by some of the major international groups in industry and retail.

E-POWER 4.0 represents the natural evolution of the E-Power technology:

• Totally revised design, more compact and functional

• Simpler and more practical installation thanks to easier access to the connecting bars

• Further improved safety thanks to the resistance to significantly higher short-circuit currents

• Greater resistance to grid disturbances thanks to a new control logic of the filter that makes the back-up system with super-capacitorsmore effective

• Easy to use and control - HMI

Sanel N.V.  selects the best solution for each costumer.