Case Study: Stay-in-Class as usual with AREC Lecture Capture

Dear partners, the case study we bring to your attention truly highlights the importance of e-learning solutions these days. Accomplished together with Arec andVideocenter (Professional AV SI), PXL University project involved the creation of safe distance learning rooms, observation classrooms, and an impressive conference room to top it all off.


PXL University is a very diverse organization - in its educational branch, it offers courses in Business, Healthcare, IT, Technology, and many other disciplines. In terms of other branches, PXL Congressparticularly stands out for its events. Overall, PXL offers services to more than 10000 students and more than 100000 annual conference participants. With such a significant audience restricted by the quarantine, the university looked at options that would allow students to continue learning remotely, as well as host conferences at a safe distance. Out of all solutions, AREC proved to be the easiest and most flexible for PXL to use, and was immediately approved for university-wide rollout.

AREC’s all-in-one nature allows it to be employed in different scenarios, which was quite handy for PXL. For example, one application is teacher education courses. PXL uses AREC LS-400 4-channel Media Station with 4 AREC CI-21H Network Cameras. The devices are positioned in paired rooms for observation and practice - in the practice room, teachers hold classes with young children, and in the observation room, students are observing this process and learn how to deal with different situations that can occur. All sessions are recorded for further evaluation and post-class discussion. 

For PXL Congress, a solution made of LS-200 Media Station and CI-21H Network Camera enables robust live streaming and recording of events to reach viewers from all over the world. At the same time, in keeping with the safety guidelines, installation of AREC DS-X01 Media Decoder in other PXL auditoriums allows the university to create a safe distance between the audience and the lecturers. DS-X01 can tune to any Media Station, Network Camera, or other RTSP/RTP network stream and display it on a local projector or display. These abilities, coupled with the university’s spacious auditoriums, created a perfect scenario for using the AREC solution.

PXL University project is a significant example of how education can “stay-in-class” as usual, even with quarantine restrictions. If you would like to know more about how your organization can use AREC to remain effective, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.