LED video walls are becoming the new standard in conference rooms, for screens over 100".

Meeting rooms where an image of 100" or more screen diagonal must be displayed.  Until now, it was a challenge that was met with projection, or with video wall.  Such a video wall is then composed of video wall modules of usually 55".  So you can go for a video wall built with 2x2 video wall modules to achieve a 110" image, or a video wall of 3x3 modules to achieve a 165" screen.

But such video walls have some disadvantages.

So you will always be stuck with those ugly seams, the so-called bezel.  And another problem is the color uniformity.  Fortunately, top brands such as Panasonic have little problems with this, but with various solutions you see that when displaying uniform white, the color temperature and brightness is rarely nicely uniform.

The adjustment of the various modules is also really not easy, often the modules are suspended at an angle.

For some time now, there is a nice alternative.  A technology that will undoubtedly become the norm in the world of digital displays of more than 100" diagonal.  We are talking about Near Pixel Pitch Ledwall.

These are displays made up of LED diodes that are mounted on modules, where the distance from LED to LED can go up to 0.9mm! We speak of NPP (near pixel pitch) for distances of 0.9, 1.2, 1.9 or 2.5mm between the LEDs.

These modules are mounted on cabinets of usually 27" diagonal, and by mounting several of those cabinets above and next to each other a complete seamless LED video wall can be mounted.

For meeting rooms and auditoriums one usually opts for an arrangement in which a total screen consists of 1920x1080 LED's (High Definition), or 3840x2160 LED's (4K/UHD).

A much sought after solution is that of a LED video wall with 1.5mm pixel pitch.  With this distance between the LED's one obtains a 1920x1080 fullHD display of 137", a popular size for displays in larger meeting rooms.

This size is obtained by mounting 5x5 cabinets of 27" against the supporting wall.

In order to display the image from a PC or another image source, a processor is required.  This computer ensures with the appropriate software that each pixel gets the right signal.  A leading manufacturer of such video wall processors is NovaStar.

It suffices to connect an hdmi source to such a Novastar processor, and the image is then nicely displayed on the ledwall.

This processor is needed for the calibration of the various modules, so that the color is displayed nicely and evenly with equal intensity.  And the processor also makes sure that each LED sends the right signal.

The correct setting of this processor is crucial, it is work for experienced specialists.

The most well-known technology is that of SMD Led's.  But this technology which is rather delicate during installation (LEDs can get damaged quite often, it is not recommended to touch SMD LEDs with your bare hand) now gets competition from a new technology: COB or "Chip On Board".

With this LED technology, there will be another lens in front of the LEDs, which makes the front of the LED module a nice perfect even surface.  No chance of damage as with SMD, and even washable with a slightly moistened cloth.

This technology is not only less delicate, it also allows less heat to be emitted.  The heat emission of a COB module is up to 70% lower than that of an SMD LED module.  Spectacular!

Sanel is closely involved in the distribution of such a LED video wall, with near pixel pitch.  A first beautiful project with a DELTA Led video wall with 1.5mm pixel pitch was delivered by Sanel partner Hauser in Luxembourg at the Foyer Des Assurateurs in Leudelange, Luxembourg.  He installed an existing video wall with video wall modules in the meeting room.

In addition to DELTA (SMD and COB) solutions, Sanel also works with the manufacturer LEDMAN.  This manufacturer is the world market leader and, in addition to classic SMD LED walls, they also offer COB, which they have given the name MicroLed.  Ledman is not only the technological market leader.  They also offer this solution at unseen prices which makes the option to choose for Ledwall more and more feasible in terms of budget.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities with Ledwall? Would you like more information or a demonstration?  Please let us know, we will be happy to help you with expert and specific advice!