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Arec DS-4CU

Arec DS-4CU
Arec DS-4CU

DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station

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  • Brand: AREC
  • Model: DS4CU
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DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station

Product Highlights

  • Automatic Speaker-View Switch. Add a Customized Graphic Automatically
  • Enable All Meeting Participants Can See the Close-up View of the Active Speaker and a Customized Fraphic Together on the Screen Clearly and Automatically
  • Taking the Meeting Experience and Efficiency to New Heights
  • Switch and Output Designed View Automatically Depending on the needs When Multi-Participants Speak Simultaneously
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Compatible Digital Discussion System, such as Shure, Bosch, Show, and More
  • Perfect for Conference Rooms, Parliaments and City Halls
  • Support Auto-Switching and Conferencing Recording with AREC Media Station
  • Available APIs for Integration